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Web site development including web hosting for your business starting for just as little as £20 a month.


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Complete web design solutions including e-commerce packages starting from £250.

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isafe.gr : Our most trusted internet security solutions Partner

isafe.gr: Our most trusted Partner High-Tech Internet Security Solutions



isafe.gr is our most trusted partner that can perform top-level security tests on any site, or server including test attacks. This allows us and our clients to stay ahead of our competition in any internet security related matter. 


Roswell Computing

Roswell Computing was established in 1997 with the objective of utilizing cutting-edge technologies and offer affordable and competitive IT solutions on demand.

Since its inception, Roswell Computing has carried out numerous IT projects in:

v The United States - New York, Chicago and Los Angeles
v  Canada Toronto
v  The United Kingdom - London
v  Greece Athens, Piraeus, and Zakynthos and
v  Cyprus

thus creating a strong and formidable portfolio

Some of our services include:

v  IT Project management and Project planning
v  Web hosting
v  Third-party dedicated server setup and administration
v  Web design
v  E-billing
v     E-commerce
v  Accounting Packages installations and support
v  Information Security solutions
v  Web Graphics (2D & 3D)
v  Video Editing and Video Productions
v  Corporate Logos Graphic Design
v  Offline Graphical and Video Presentations

v  Multimedia Presentations 
v  Hardware solutions
v  Custom-made software development
v  Systems Analysis and Design

v  Advice on Information Technology Law, (IT) Law and
v  IT consultation.

Roswell Computing has today evolved, expanded and increased the range, calibre and quality of services that it offers. It has become a highly respected organization with many referrals and many satisfied clients. Our clients' business activities range from

v  Trade businesses
v  Construction
v  Accountants
v  Legal firms
v  Realtors
v  Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment industry
v  Academic institutions
v  Scientific organizations as well as
v  Non-for-profit organizations.

We take pride from the fact that our ever-expanding number of clients considers us as a highly flexible, innovative and dependable IT solutions provider.

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