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About us

In 1996, three self-motivated, innovative and entrepreneur students at the Higher Technical Institute in Nicosia Cyprus, namely, Kyriacos A. Michael, Panayiotis S. Panayiotou, and Christos A. Neophytou found Roswell Computing. Two years later, in 1998, Roswell Computing was registered as a limited liability company at the Cyprus' Companies Registrar Office.

The company's information are as follows: Registration number: C 94240; Registration Date: 29 April 1998; Tax ID number: 12094240G; VAT number: 10094240E

Roswell Computing Ltd is the product of the need to maintain an independent business environment to enable the application of cutting-edge technical knowledge to any business and in any industry.

Roswell Computing has proven successful in providing this fertile environment and has periodically acquired additional members who have fully utilized the company to further their knowledge and careers in the IT field.

Roswell Computing is currently comprised of:

Mr Christos A. Neophytou, Founder and President

Mr. Christos A. Neophytou is a HTI graduate in Nicosia Cyprus. He holds a BSc. degree in Computer Science from Hofstra University, Long Island New York United States and a MSc. in Computer Information Systems from Roosevelt University, Chicago Illinois United States. Moreover, Mr. Neophytou holds a LASTC Diploma from Los Angeles California United States and a PgDL from the London Metropolitan University, London United Kingdom.

Finally Mr. Neophytou has qualified as a Barrister in England and Wales after successfully completing his studies at The College of Law (London) and called to the Bar at the Lincoln's Inn (London UK).

Mr. Neophytou is responsible for coordinating the members of the company in implementing the company’s policies. He is also the person who drafts the strategies of the company and presents them to the board of directors for approval before implementation.

Mr. Neophytou is also responsible for contacting, dealing and negotiating with clients. This duty includes drafting, presenting and finalizing contracts with clients.

You can contact Mr. Christos A. Neophytou at christos@roswellcomputing.com

Mr Kyriacos A. Michael, Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer and Legal Secretary

Mr. Kyriacos A. Michael is a HTI graduate in Nicosia Cyprus with more than 15 years of experience in the IT field. He has been involved in numerous IT programming, systems engineering and multimedia projects, maintains an extensive knowledge of all leading operating systems and programming tools and constitutes an indispensable member of the core technical team of the company.

Mr. Michael is responsible for all major systems development and upgrading. He researches on the latest technologically advanced releases in terms of reliability, security, upgradeability and compatibility with the existing hardware infrastructure of the company and carries out all recommendations for the implementation of these releases within the arsenal of products and services of the company to meet the ever increasing clients’ needs.

Mr. Michael is also responsible for quoting tasks and for the provision of tier-4 technical support.

You can contact Mr. Kyriacos A. Michael at kyriacos@roswellcomputing.com

Mr Emmanouil N. Partsenidis, Senior Hardware Engineer and Network Administrator

Mr. Emmanouil N. Partsenidis holds a Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering BEng from City University in London United Kingdom, and also holds the CompTIA A+, Network+ and CCNA certificates. He has 5 years experience in the IT field with concentration in hardware engineering and network administration.

Mr. Partsenidis is responsible for all major systems hardware engineering, systems administration, systems development and systems upgrading. His duties involve the crucial dual element of operating and maintaining major components of the web-hosting infrastructure of the company. These components include the web servers themselves as well as the backbone upon which these web servers are operating on the World Wide Web.

Mr. Partsenidis throughput ensures that the company maintains the deliverance of all of its web hosting services quickly, smoothly and uneventfully.

Mr. Partsenidis is also responsible for the professional web design and projects development of the company, the research on hardware and bandwidth technical alternatives and the provision of tier-2 technical support to customers upon demand.

You can contact Mr. Emmanouil N. Partsenidis at manolis@roswellcomputing.com

Mr Ivan Radovic, Acc. Skulptor, Multimedial Artist, Designer, Photographer, Graphic Editor

Academy of Fine Arts graduated in 1998 in Prishtine, Serbia, as a sculptor. He is a member of ULUS
(The Association of Serbian Artists) since 1999. He is a member and asisstent of Visual Culture Centre
CIRCLE in Cacak. Also, he is a member or The Association of Cacak’s Artists - RISIM
Independent exhibitions:
1998. – Cacak, The City’s House of Culture
1999. - G. Milanovac,The Museum of Rudnik and Takovo region
1999. - Kragujevac, The National museum / The Gallery Little art saloon
2000. - Belgrade, The Galery of National university – Brace Stamenkovic
2001. - Vranje, The Gallery of National museum
2001. – Vishegrad, Town’s Gallery, Bosnia and Hertzegovina
2001. – Uzice, The Gallery of Teacher’s Faculty
2004. - Belgrade, The Gallery 73
2009. - Nicosia, Cyprus, B-Rosso Gallery
2013. - Nea Pange Kulture Center, Belgrade
2015. - Geca Bar Galery, Belgrade
- The Annual Reward of The Association of Artists - RISIM - Cacak, 1998.
- YU palette of the young, Vrbas, 2000.- National award
- The first award of Novi Sad’s Fair of Technique for design of packaging for ELSAT ltd (for product
Roto Antenna), 2002.
- The Annual Reward of The Association of Artists - RISIM - Cacak, 2003.
- Annual award of Municipality of Belgrade and Municipality of Banovo Brdo for the the best
exhibition in The Gallery 73, 2004.
- The first award on competition for design of logo for the AUDI competition for the best young artist
in Serbia, 2007.
- The first award on competition for design of logo for the pocket book edition RAVNOTEZA under the
authority of Town’s Gallery Nadezda Petrovic, Chachak, 2007.
- The third award for design of logo for McMilan company, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, 2007.
Artworks and design are published in magazines like: Art Life of Serbia, CKM, PLAYBOY Serbia,
POLITIKA, Big Beng, science ,art and philosophymagazine,
The Voice of Chachak, Touristic Organization of Cyprus...
He took part in many projects of VISUEL CULTURE CENTRE like:
The Art and Paper, international exhibition in every two years.
Library – the open books of Balkan, international bienalle.
His duties involve the creation of all-purpose computer graphics. This includes the editing/correction
of photos and videos, the design of companies logos, the preparation of advertising brochures using
custom made graphics, the production of videos, etc. His work can be used both for online purposes
i.e. on websites as well as for offline use in the form of high quality hardcopy printouts.
He is responsible for high quality graphic stadards.

You can contact Mr. Ivan Radovic at ivan@roswellcomputing.com

Our Clients

  • Poseidon
  • Aero East Europe
  • Copy Xerox
  • Five Star Transport
  • Hostel Centrum
  • Interglobus
  • Kikos
  • Mikron
  • Octopus Photography
  • Octopus Academy
  • Print 4 Party
  • Uniplast
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