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Roswell Computing Ltd offers a wide range of IT services that meet the highest professional standards. Roswell Computing Ltd success is threefold:

Robust Web hosting

Professional Web design, along with robust and reliable Web hosting comprises the bread and butter of Roswell Computing Ltd business. Over the years we have expanded into all major web design applications. These include:

  • This includes dedicated hosting on distributed web servers;
  • Multiple operating system platform support in order to increase reliability and up time;
  • Support by the best UPS and backup hardware;
  • In-house data security procedures;
  • Remote access of web applications and resources.

Multi-dimensional web design

  • E-commerce;
  • E-billing;
  • Web databases applications;
  • Remote access of web applications and resources;
  • Content Management Systems;
  • Distributed Applications.

The websites developed range from simple one-page professionally designed static web pages and expand to very complex programming applications with database support.

Effective Consultation

Consultation is pivotal in order to provide all supporting elements that would assist our clients to convert the technical advantages that Roswell Computing Ltd offers them into tangible benefits in their area of business.

Consultation takes place both before and after the implementation of a project. Consultation can be ongoing and it can include training and support.

Custom-made Software Development

Roswell Computing Ltd invests heavily in satisfying the special needs of every client. This includes the development of in-house, custom-made software.

Custom-made software packages include applications on:

  • E-billing;
  • Data security;
  • Remote database access and support;
  • Database applications.

Custom-made software packages are a product of thorough Systems Analysis and Design beginning from investigating the specific needs of the client and developing the most appropriate solution. They are aimed in increasing productivity while keeping costs at a minimum.

Other Services

Installation of business telephony systems CISCO SYSTEMS


Call centers

Our Clients

  • Poseidon
  • Aero East Europe
  • Copy Xerox
  • Five Star Transport
  • Hostel Centrum
  • Interglobus
  • Kikos
  • Mikron
  • Octopus Photography
  • Octopus Academy
  • Print 4 Party
  • Uniplast
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