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One of the key elements of success of Roswell Computing Ltd

Any company with a basic appreciation of the considerable benefits that the internet can provide to the maintenance and increase of its productivity and marketability would demand a robust and reliable support.

Roswell Computing Ltd has long ago appreciated this demand expressed as a basic need of our clients and guarantees 99.99% up time on all of our hosting packages.

Roswell Computing Ltd is committed in offering 24/7 support on all of its Hosting Packages in order to realize the abovementioned goal and keep our customers always satisfied.

At Roswell Computing Ltd, we are proud for this achievement having gained the respect and trust of our entire ever-increasing client base. Proof of that are our numerous satisfied customers who are returning and renewing their hosting contracts with us every year.

Roswell Computing Ltd is also committed in providing telephone and email support to all of our clients in technical and non-technical issues alike. These issues include questions mainly on hosting on one hand and on the technical capabilities of each of our packages on the other (i.e. something like inquiries). We always answer and resolve any issue that might arise and provide to our customers the best assistance possible.

Support packages are a useful and relatively inexpensive way to maintain rapport with our clients, build-up their knowledgebase and skills and enable them to make quick, effective and accurate decisions in resolving any problem that might arise and thus stay ahead of their competition. It is therefore always recommended that our customers sign one of our Support packages along with any hosting contract that would address any potential issues and help keep their expenses to a minimum level possible.

At Roswell Computing Ltd, we always endeavor in meeting the most demanding support requests. We are proud of our excellent record in meeting each one of these support requests whenever and wherever needed and promise to maintain this record for the years to come.

Our Clients

  • Poseidon
  • Aero East Europe
  • Copy Xerox
  • Five Star Transport
  • Hostel Centrum
  • Interglobus
  • Kikos
  • Mikron
  • Octopus Photography
  • Octopus Academy
  • Print 4 Party
  • Uniplast
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